Database Browser

This little utility lets you browser any relational database that has a JDBC driver. I wrote it after having to use SQLPlus for a few weeks; this "application" seems to have been designed in the sixties.
When the application comes up, you'll see a query window at the top of the screen.
After connecting to the database, you can type arbitrary numbers of SQL statements into the query window. To execute a query (or update) statement, just select the text of the query, and click on the Run button, or press F9. If the query is in a single line, just leave the text cursor on that line, and press F9 or the run button. Query results appear in a pop-up table dialog.
The query stays in the query window. That way, you don't have to retype the entire damn thing (or transfer to an external editor!) to correct a typo. The contents of the query window are saved from session to session, so it's even possible to build up a small list of queries that you commonly execute.
The Connections dialog stores connection information for multiple databases. You give each database a tag name, and to open a connection to that database, just click on the tag name and press Open.
There's also a facility for querying the database metadata. You can get a list of the tables, and for each table, a list of the columns and foreign key constraints, as well as the definition of the table's primary key, and a list of other tables that have foreign key constraints to it. You can also get the list of stored procedures.
Get it here: Download