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Here are links to more useful applications...

XML Validator

The XML Validator is a little tool that can check an XML file for well-formedness, or validate the document against an XML schema.


This is a version of Unix grep that works on Windows systems. Very useful for recursive searches! The Windows Search dialog is bloody pain in the ass - half the time it doesn't even work properly. Get the binary and source here


Looks for classes in jar files. You enter a jar file (or a directory), plus a target string. It checks if the jar file (or any jar file in the directory) contains a class which matches the target string. Excellent for figuring out what goddam jar files you need to put in your classpath. Get it here:


This is a useful little tool that lets you do a screen grab, crop the image, and copy it to the clipboard or save it to file. A little bit unpolished, but totally ideal for grabbing images of prototypes to put into your design documents. Get it here

DB Compare

DB Compare is a tool that compares two versions of a database. It's useful in situations where you're maintaining multiple versions of a database (e.g. dev, test, prod), and the schema is constantly changing, and nobody can manage to keep track of what the hell is going on (does this sound familiar).

The tool checks the definition of each table the two databases, and reports any differences it finds, such as:

Source code is available:

SQL Wrappers

These are simply wrapper classes for the JDBC Connection, Statement, Prepared Statement and Callable Statement classes. You include them in your source code, and set up your code so that the wrapper version of the Connection object is used. At this point, you then have quite a few options in terms of tracing database calls. You can:

These wrappers are particularly useful in situations where all the business logic is embedded in stored procedures. It's quite useful to be able to exhibit the list of stored procedures that are called, together with the exact arguments that were passed to them!

The source code is available:


This is a simple implementation of the Unix "tail -f" command that can be used on Windows. Useful for watching log files.

The source code is available:


Counts lines in source files. Recognizes Java, JavaScript, HTML, JSP and XML files, so it's mainly oriented towards Java-based web applications. For Java files, it also reports the numbers of blank, code and comment lines (using a rather naive algorithm). Have you ever noticed that programmers working in Windows never know how many lines of code they've written? Now there's no excuse!

The source code is available:

Note that the code requires a Java 5 JRE (it uses generics).

Diagram Editor

Not really finished yet, but here it is: