This is a tool for manipulating text. If you're like me, you hate the way text-based tools are second-class citizens under Windows, and you pine for the powerful features of Unix tools such as sort, sed, and even vi. TextWiz gives you those tools and more, in a platform-independent tool!

To get started, just download the binary zip file and unpack it; there's a batch file you can use to run the application. Cut and paste some text into the large text window on the left, and then play with the many operations supplied via the combo box at the top of the panel on the right hand side of the window. Full documentation is supplied for each op. Regular expressions are used extensively, so you might want to review those if you're rusty.

Here's a list of some of the operations that are supported:

Get the binary: textwiz.zip

TextWiz uses the BSF jar from Apache, and the Rhino jar from Mozilla, in the implementation of the script operation. You'll need those jars if you want to compile the source (or else just comment out the script operation!).